Do I have to include a LinkedIn profile? What role does it play in my application?


You are required to submit a link to your LinkedIn profile for consideration into the fellowship program. At a minimum, and in consideration of time constraints, we require that your LinkedIn profile include a photo you would like to share with a professional network, “who you are,” and where you attend school.  Work history and hobbies are also beneficial to include. 

LinkedIn enables you to develop your professional online presence, cultivate your professional network, and assists with your job search. Many employers review the LinkedIn profiles of applicants. It is a valuable professional tool. Similar to a resume, your LinkedIn profile enables you to share your school, employment, and volunteer history, but with a broader network. 

Please be sure to include an appropriate photo, and make sure to select the option to share your profile picture with 'everyone', as opposed to your connections or your network (see picture below). This is the only way we will be able to view your picture, and will also increase your visibility and findability in search engines. This will be key to your professional exposure!


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