The Foundation's Commitment

The Foundation's mission is to create career opportunities in the media industry for youth of color through a program that focuses on scholastic achievement, direct work experience and professional development. The Emma L. Bowen Foundation is committed to maintaining a direct and personal relationship with all our students and corporate partners. We carefully monitor our student-to-staff ratio to insure that we deliver on that commitment.

Foundation staff coordinates a variety of annual programs such as the Summer Conference, the Career Fair for graduating seniors, the New Media & Technology program, the Link Mentoring Initiative, Parents' Night events, graduate webinars, and our awards programs (Student of the Year and Academic Awards). Once selected by corporate sponsors, the Foundation monitors students' academic and work performance throughout their time in the program and tracks graduates' career progress. Foundation staff may act in an advisory capacity for either students or partner companies should questions or problems arise. The staff also administers the students' Matching Funds program for corporate partners.

The Foundation collaborates with a wide variety of academic and professional organizations that promote the education, hiring and career development of minorities. We also understand the importance of promoting the commitment of our corporate partners with educators, business and community leaders, regulators and legislators. The Foundation has participated in diversity programs sponsored by both the National Association of Broadcasters and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, testified on Capitol Hill, and been recognized by the FCC as an example of a successful diversity initiative.  The Emma L. Bowen Foundation meets the FCC's criteria for an Outreach Initiative for EEO Compliance.  The U.S. State Department and the World Economic Forum have also recognized the Foundation's program as an example of "best diversity practices."

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