Conference Information

2014 Summer Conference
June 22-25, 2014

Grand Hyatt New York, 109 East 42nd Street at Grand Central Terminal
New York, New York, 10017 

The Walt Disney Company  will be our featured corporate partner.



2014 Link Mentoring Initiative

Our Link Mentoring program will be held in Newark, New Jersey in 2014.  (See Calendar of Events for details.)   While the dress code for Link is more casual than our Summer Conference, students are encouraged to review the business casual examples we have provided in the hyperlink below.

 We have included some helpful tips about conference attire. Take a moment to review this information and plan ahead. There are many options at a variety of stores in a wide range of prices. Remember, dress for the job you want, not the one you are in!

The classic business suit (skirt or slacks) with a touch of style - add a white shirt, bright blouse or complementary blazer and you are ready to go.

Change the blouse, jacket, skirt or slacks and you can make two or three outfits from the same basic suit without having to bring lots of extra accessories. We checked stores like Casual Corner, Macy's, Kohls, Target, and Nordstroms as well as the Internet ( and found these outfits in a full range of prices and sizes. Planning ahead will pay dividends, and you always can use a basic suit.
We've included some don'ts below to help you in your selection process.
Gentlemen are expected to wear a suit and tie; sport coat and tie, or dress shirt and tie. No jeans or casual slacks. No sneakers or flip flops. We checked a variety of stores and found a wide range of prices. Planning ahead will pay dividends'and you can always use a basic suit or sport jacket. If you need some help with what to buy, try this link:

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