Newsletter 2015

2015 Emma Bowen Foundation Highlights

2015 Students of the Year and “Emma” Awardees

Rajeswari Ramanathan (center, top photo) and Francisco Bernard (center, bottom photo) were recognized as outstanding college seniors through our Student of the Year competition. This award recognizes the achievements of the honorees and serves as an incentive to other Foundation students to continue to strive for excellence. Criteria for the award include: outstanding work quality; noteworthy professional and personal growth and integrity; academic excellence; creativity and initiative; and special contributions to his/her company, college and/or community. Rajeswari was hired by her corporate sponsor, NBCUniversal. Francisco, who interned for Fox, will work for Hearst Television.

This year, the Emma Bowen Foundation also presented the “Emma Awards” to recognize fellows exhibiting skills that will help them develop into exemplary professionals and outstanding individuals.

  • The Emma for Courage in Decision Making was given to Rajeswari for her courage to pitch a story about athletes with disabilities to Berkeley’s CalTV.
  • The Emma for Storytelling recognized Francisco for the skill in communication he exhibited in his article on race relations at Boston College.

  • The Emma for Leadership in Volunteerism acknowledged Jillian Duran (center, right photo) for her leadership at Arizona State University.

  • The Emma for Innovation recognized Foluke Tuakli for utilizing innovative business ideas to make the world a better place.

  • The Emma for Ubuntu (i.e., from the African term meaning “I am because you are”) highlighted Kylie Walker’s ability to bridge differences on her campus at Texas Christian University and utilize diversity to build community.

  • The Emma for Influencing acknowledged Najah Diop’s (center, left photo) ability to marshal resources and deliver over 10,000 pairs of shoes to El Salvadorian children.



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