Matching Funds 

Students selected as fellows prior to 2016 are eligible for matching funds. The funds in the matching funds account may be provided as a reimbursement directly to students or a member of their family for eligible out-of-pocket school-related expenses or may be used for direct payment to vendors, such as a university, bookstore, or other approved vendor, for eligible school-related expenses. To make a payment request, students must complete a “Matching Funds Request Form” (“Request Form”). The online form can be accessed below. If you have a matching funds question that is not answered on this page, please email

Matching Funds Essential Reminders

• You can only spend what you have earned. (You cannot withdraw anticipated earnings.)

• The Foundation reserves the right to refuse payment or reimbursement for non-approved expenses.

• Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for processing once the availability of funds is confirmed and the paperwork has been received.

• Matching funds earned during the prior summer are available the subsequent November 1.

• The Foundation does reimburse students for eligible out-of-pocket expenses provided that itemized proof of payment (detailed below) is submitted with the Request Form.

• The minimum amount for any matching funds request is $100. Requests for less than $100 will NOT be processed.

• We will process only one "books and supplies" reimbursement per semester.

• It is the student’s responsibility to submit Request Forms and additional documentation to the Foundation. It is not a task for your parents.

• The Foundation places a $500 hold on each student's matching funds for Summer Conference. (More details below in Important Notices.)

Eligible Expenses for Matching Funds Use

• Tuition, Room & Board
• Books & Class Supplies
• On-Campus Housing
• Off-Campus Housing
• Computer & Software
• School Parking
• Expenses Related to Study Abroad



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