Scholarships Overview

Students selected as fellows in the summer of 2016 and 2017 are eligible for need-based scholarships. Emma Bowen Foundation scholarship recipients will be selected from this pool of fellows through an application process and notified during their summer internships. Scholarship totals will be determined based on financial need and distributed directly to students in the fall of 2017.

More information regarding the scholarship application process will follow in the spring of 2017!



Matching Funds 

Students selected as fellows prior to 2016 are eligible for matching funds. The funds in the matching funds account may be provided as a reimbursement directly to students or a member of their family for eligible out-of-pocket school-related expenses or may be used for direct payment to vendors, such as a university, bookstore, or other approved vendor, for eligible school-related expenses. To make a payment request, students must complete a “Matching Funds Request Form” (“Request Form”). The online form can be accessed below. If you have a matching funds question that is not answered on this page, please email

Matching Funds Essential Reminders

• You can only spend what you have earned. (You cannot withdraw anticipated earnings.)

• The Foundation reserves the right to refuse payment or reimbursement for non-approved expenses.

• Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for processing once the availability of funds is confirmed and the paperwork has been received.

• Matching funds earned during the prior summer are available the subsequent November 1.

• The Foundation does reimburse students for eligible out-of-pocket expenses provided that itemized proof of payment (detailed below) is submitted with the Request Form.

• The minimum amount for any matching funds request is $100. Requests for less than $100 will NOT be processed.

• We will process only one "books and supplies" reimbursement per semester.

• It is the student’s responsibility to submit Request Forms and additional documentation to the Foundation. It is not a task for your parents.

• The Foundation places a $500 hold on each student's matching funds for Summer Conference. (More details below in Important Notices.)

Eligible Expenses for Matching Funds Use

• Tuition, Room & Board
• Books & Class Supplies
• On-Campus Housing
• Off-Campus Housing
• Computer & Software
• School Parking
• Expenses Related to Study Abroad




Additional Information

For Direct Reimbursement to You for Eligible Expenses

Fellows may use their matching funds for reimbursement of eligible out-of-pocket school-related expenses, which are noted below. Please note that the Foundation reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for non-approved expenses.

• Submit:
(1) Itemized proof of payment (i.e., an itemized receipt, a cancelled check, a bank statement, a credit card statement or receipt, or an itemized invoice confirming payment by person to be reimbursed, etc.)
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Payment to a Vendor for Eligible Expenses

For Tuition, Room & Board

Many schools will not allow you to register for classes if payment has not been made in advance. Due to the length of time before matching funds are received from your company, anticipate that matching funds will be available for your use for spring semester charges. Plan accordingly.

• Submit:
(1) The most recent copy of your official tuition invoice
     The document must include student name & college ID number.
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Student Loan Payment

• Submit:
(1) Your student loan invoice
     If it is an e-bill, it must include student name and amount.
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Books and Supplies

There is a $1,000 credit limit per semester for books and supplies. It is important to note that non-class-related purchases at the bookstore are your responsibility and will not be approved for payment from your MFA. Fellows can be reimbursed for eligible school-related books and supplies expenses for the fellow. Fellows may also ask the Foundation to establish a bookstore account in order for the Foundation to pay the bookstore account directly. In order to establish a bookstore account, you will first need to submit a Matching Funds – Bookstore Account Request form providing the contact information for the bookstore or textbooks manager. It can be found on the Foundation’s website. Please submit requests for payment of bookstore accounts as soon as statements are received. If you are graduating, requests for bookstore payments must be received 30 days prior to graduation from college.

• Submit:
(1) The most recent monthly bookstore statement of account
(2) A completed online Request Form

For On-Campus Housing

The Foundation will pay up to one semester’s housing fee for on-campus housing billed by the college or university on a single request.

• Submit:
(1) An invoice for your on-campus housing
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Approved Off-Campus Housing Payment Directly to a Landlord

You may be able to use your MFA for off-campus housing. Students living at home or in off-campus housing without a formal lease will not be eligible to use their MFA for housing. For off-campus housing, your name must appear on the lease to be eligible to use your matching funds for housing. Rent for off-campus housing will be paid directly to the housing provider for not more than your share of the rent when multiple names appear on the lease. All off-campus landlords will be required to complete a W-9 form each year. Rent paid by the Foundation to each landlord will be reported on 1099 forms at the end of each year. Note: If your landlord is unwilling to complete a W-9 form, we will not be able to forward a check. You may want to confirm this requirement before signing a lease. The Foundation will pay up to four months’ rent for off-campus housing on a single request form.

• Submit:
(1) A signed copy of the lease agreement for your off-campus housing
(2) A completed W-9 form from your landlord
(3) A completed online Request Form

For Purchasing a Computer & Software

The Foundation reserves the right to limit the amount of matching funds that may be utilized for the purchase of a computer. Generally speaking, high-end, professional software and hardware options are not eligible.

• Submit:
(1) An official invoice from your school or other appropriate vendor
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Monthly Parking at School

• Submit:
(1) A copy of the parking contract or invoice
(2) A completed online Request Form

For Expenses Related to Study Abroad

• Submit:
(1) Your study abroad program invoice
(2) A completed online Request Form

Important Notices

Matching Funds at the time of Voluntary Withdrawal from the Foundation

Students who voluntarily withdraw from the program, and have notified the Foundation in writing by January 31st of the year they are withdrawing have 30 days from the date of withdrawal (or when funds are received from the fellow’s sponsor) to request matching funds for qualified expenses. At the end of the 30-day period, any balance in the MFA will be forfeited. If notice of voluntary withdrawal occurs after the January 31st deadline, any remaining matching funds will be forfeited immediately, without the 30-day grace period.

Matching Funds at the time of Dismissal

Students who are dismissed from the program for failure to meet either academic or work performance standards required for the program will not be eligible to use any remaining balance in their MFA. 

Matching Funds Hold-back for Summer Conference

Due to the significant costs incurred for the Summer Conference each year, the Foundation will place a hold on all students’ matching funds in the amount of $500 to cover any of the following:
• Changes to travel reservations requested by students that involve additional cost after a reservation has been made.
• Cancellation of travel reservations, at the request of a student, after a reservation has been made.
• Additional costs incurred for travel reservations as a result of a student being on academic probation.
• Costs incurred for hotel accommodations due to student cancellation for any reason but illness that has been medically documented.

Funds will be deducted from the accounts of students who initiate any of the circumstances noted above.

Matching Funds at the time of Graduation

Students are encouraged to utilize their matching funds for qualified expenses prior to obtaining their undergraduate degree. Within 30 days of graduation from college (undergraduate program), access to matching funds is concluded.