What are the components of a completed application?


A completed application includes:

  • 2015 Emma Bowen Foundation Online Application (VIEW SAMPLE APPLICATION) – Please complete the online application, which requests personal information, academic history, and an overview of your skills. Additionally, you will need to provide the contact information of your references. Take the time to carefully read the Integrity Pledge. Your signature on the application indicates that you have read and understand the importance of honesty and the pursuit of excellence in your academic and professional life.
  • LinkedIn Profile with Photo - You are required to include a link to a LinkedIn profile with photo for consideration into the fellowship program. Please view Question #7 for additional information regarding the requirement.
  • Essay – You are required to write an essay of 500 words or more, selecting one of two topics from Section 5 of the online application. The essay is to be uploaded to your application form. Your essay will weigh heavily in the selection process. Your writing style and attention to detail (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) will help us evaluate your strengths and potential. For your convenience, the essay topics are also listed in Question #8. 
  • Resume – You are required to submit a resume. You will upload your resume to your online application. Remember to include your academic record, extra-curricular and community activities, any leadership position you have held, awards or honors, language proficiencies, and any work experience.  Please highlight any experiences you think may be relevant!
  • Recommendation Forms from Two (2) References – References will be required to submit the form through the recommendation form link.  You will need to include your references’ contact information on your online application. Please proceed to Question #6 for more detailed information about reference submission.

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