Who can serve as my reference? What is the process for my reference to submit the Recommendation Form?


Applicants are required to provide one (1) letter of recommendation in order to have a completed application. The Recommendation Form must be submitted by an academic reference or a professional reference. An academic reference includes a teacher, academic advisor, or guidance counselor. A professional reference includes such persons as an employer or leader of an extracurricular activity or volunteer group.   

Your reference may provide us with a letter of recommendation that the reference has provided for you for another purpose, such as a college or program application. The document can be uploaded to the recommendation form. Please note that references may be contacted upon selection for an interview.

Your reference should only submit the recommendation form after you, the applicant, has submitted your online application.  The recommendation form from your reference must be submitted within 3 weeks of the submission of your online application. You will receive a link to the recommendation form when you submit your resume. The recommendation form can also be found here.

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