Emma Bowen Foundation Alumni Association

The alumni would love your support in bringing together our community and in future events!


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Emboldened by EBF Alumni

Emboldened's mission and vision is to bring the Emma Bowen Foundation community together. So that means you. By giving listeners exclusive access to trailblazers and influential decision-makers in the media industry. Check out episodes and learn where to subscribe here.


City captains - a few people in a given city who are responsible for organizing events in their respective location. City captains can work with volunteer committee to organize these events!

  • City Captains
  • Volunteerism
  • Fundraising
  • Advisory Council
  • Social Media & Communications
  • Mentorship

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Alumni Directory

There now exists an Alumni Directory of all graduates! If you don’t have access to this database, please contact [email protected] to request access.




EBF Alumni Weekend 2019

Thank you to all who supported this inaugural event.

View the captured moments here!