HBO 2017 Summer Intern: Media Software Engineering

HBO 2017 Summer Intern: Media Software Engineering


The Media Software Engineering team at HBO enable the media workflows using creative and pragmatic technology solutions. We are a software engineering group that develops and supports applications and workflows that ingest media assets as they show up at our doors and run it through the media supply chain by processing, managing, transforming and delivering the assets to all HBO affiliates and partners.We are a fundamental part of HBO's innovation and success and realizing our mission requires a staff of highly motivated and technically flexible software professionals across a variety of disciplines: development, program management, test, and design. We are looking for a highly skilled individual who takes pride in bringing high-quality code quickly to market, enjoys learning and applying new technologies, and thrives in a dynamic engineering-oriented work environment. You will work on applications delivering non-linear content to domestic and international platforms.

  • Understand the overall architecture of the ESP application responsible for HBO's content distribution.
  • Participate in the Scrum process
  • Develop new features in the ESP application


  • A bachelor's or master's degree in engineering, computer science or related field (within six-twelve months of graduation)
  • 1+ year programming experience in Java or similar programming languages
  • Ability to easily switch between independent and collaborative work
  • Strong communication, problem solving and time management skills


  • Enjoy learning and applying new technologies


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