The Emma Bowen Foundation Application

The Emma Bowen Foundation (EBF) promotes a more diverse industry by recruiting promising students of color like you and placing them in multi-year paid internships at some of the nation's leading media and tech companies, such as Comcast NBCUniversal, Discovery, Hearst Television, the New York Times, the NFL, Spectrum, and ViacomCBS.


You are eligible to apply for an EBF Internship if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Are a student of color (Asian, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Black, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, or Multi-Racial)

  • Are a graduating high school senior OR an undergraduate college student (undergraduates graduating in Spring 2022 are eligible to apply)

  • Plan to attend or are currently a student at a four-year accredited college or university
    • This includes students who will transfer to a four-year accredited college or university in Spring 2022 or Fall 2022

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0

  • Are interested in pursuing a career in media and tech

  • Are a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident

  • Speak and write English fluently

  • Are curious and willing to learn and challenge yourself

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Do you have a favorite streaming service, sports channel or news outlet? Whether you're interested in being a producer, a journalist, a web developer, an engineer, a business executive, a PR agent, a sales representative, or any other career in media or tech, the EBF Internship is here to help you get your start. If selected, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in these organizations so you can learn, grow and put yourself on the fast-track to career success.


If you are selected as an Emma Bowen Fellow, you will have access to:

  • paid summer internship
  • On-the-job training from top professionals and industry executives
  • Our Annual Summer Conference
  • The EBF Launch Career Activation Program
  • Need-based academic scholarships
  • A lifelong community of EBF peers, alumni, professionals, and partners

We look forward to receiving your application! Good luck!


We recruit across the country. Applicants are primarily considered for internships based on their permanent residence/hometown address, specifically where the student expects to reside during the summer (where you indicate your “primary city”). Please be sure to use your permanent residence/hometown address as your address on the application. If you have opportunities or interest in living outside of your permanent residence, please use our “secondary cities” option to indicate where you have or can find housing. Either way, you will be expected to have reliable transportation.

We are in major markets like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, but we also have openings in cities nationwide. The “primary city” question in the application lists many of the recent internship locations, and we are often expanding into new markets.


Before you apply, please make sure to read the internship qualifications, the items needed for a completed EBF application, and review the application process.




The EBF internship program is very competitive and prestigious. You can help your application stand out by submitting a comprehensive resume and stellar HireVue video interview.

In your resume, let us know about your work, extracurricular, volunteer, and/or academic experience. Also, don’t forget to check for typos and formatting consistency. Asking a friend, professor, or career advisor to review your resume will ensure that another pair of eyes catches any issues before sending in your resume. Your resume should be one page.

Check out EBF’s AMMP Director Niéna Drake’s tips for Showcasing Your Best Self on your EBF application here

HireVue Tip: Take the opportunity to share more about yourself with us—your experiences, your interest in the industry, and your career goals. Tell us what makes you unique!





We encourage anyone who will have graduated by December 2021 to sign up for our ALL Multicultural Media Professionals "AMMP" Network.


*If after clicking "Apply Now" you are directed to "Registration 2021," we recommend that you clear the cache on your browsers so that you are directed to "Registration 2022."


Continue reading to learn more about what’s next in the application process.


You’ve submitted a completed Summer 2022 EBF Application (both the online application form and the HireVue video interview). What happens next?

From the fall through the spring, EBF will review for various internship requests from our partners. A list of our partners can be found here:

For each partner request, the process is as follows:

  • EBF reviews its applicant pool to identify applicants who meet the qualifications of the request.

  • EBF reaches out to those applicants by email for further consideration. Applicants will be given a deadline to submit any additional information, including an updated resume.

  • EBF forwards applicants from that review to our partner.

  • Our partner reviews EBF candidates and identifies those candidates that will continue in the partner company’s own interview process. Candidates whose applications are advanced are not guaranteed a partner interview.

  • Our partner selects the 2022 EBF Fellow who will intern at their company. At that time, the other forwarded candidates will be notified that they were not selected.

We work with over 70 companies with unique hiring schedules, so applicants may be considered at any time from the fall to the spring. While we are recruiting across functions throughout the cycle, technology roles are the primary emphasis initially in the early fall. We recommend that students apply as early as possible in the application season to maximize consideration for opportunities. If you go a few months without hearing from us, don’t fret! It just means a role that fits your specific experience hasn’t yet emerged. We recruit for some roles as early as September, but many others emerge in January, February or even as late as April. Continue to keep your options open, but keep a close eye on outreach from us, because it could come at any point throughout the September-May cycle.

We do not have a set deadline to receive EBF applications. The EBF Summer 2022 Application link will remain open until the final placement is completed.

As noted above, EBF staff will reach out to you if you are being considered for one of the internship opportunities. Please note that this could happen at any time during the application cycle from the time you apply until May 1st.

On or by May 1st, we will notify all applicants of their final status for Summer 2022. Students being considered as a potential candidate for a Summer 2022 placement will be contacted before that date. Again, we encourage all applicants to continually search for other summer opportunities. EBF attempts to match qualified candidates’ interests and qualifications with the requirements of our partners. Given the limited number of opportunities, we cannot offer candidates a variety of options for placement nor guarantee a placement. 


Each year, we welcome a select number of new Fellows to our EBF internship program. Fellows intern at one of our partner companies and receive the support and resources of EBF.

If you are selected as an EBF Fellow at one of our partners, you will be notified by the partner company and an EBF staff member. The partner company who hired you will discuss the start and end dates as well as the company’s hourly rate with you. You will begin working in May or June 2022 and be expected to work at your partner company every summer for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks (35 to 40-hour work week) until graduation from college. Other commitments (family travel, school trips, etc.) will have to be conducted before or after your work commitment with your partner company. If you have standing arrangements, make certain to discuss these with EBF and your partner company if/when you are interviewed. As an employee, we will expect you to be a conscientious, dependable team player.

Additionally, if you are selected as an EBF Fellow, you will be expected to participate in all EBF activities for which you are eligible, including our Annual Summer Conference and the Launch Career Activation Program. As a Fellow, you are also eligible to apply for a need-based scholarship through EBF. You will receive a student manual which will further detail policies and expectations. 


If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at [email protected].


We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and determine, in conjunction with our partners, any affects it may have on Summer 2022 internships. We are planning to have a full slate of internships, which are expected to be primarily in person, but might be remote/virtual as well, depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves.