Programmatic Planner, Horizon Media

Programmatic Planner, Horizon Media

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Use Asia Sanders as a reference. 

Job Description:

Job Summary

We are currently seeking a Programmatic Planner to support RTB strategy and account management for HX, the programmatic buying operation at Horizon Media. This role drives planning and service for ad-exchange media (banner, video, paid social and mobile) for DR and Branding clients.



Main Duties and Responsibilities


40% Programmatic Media Planning


40% Client Service, Relationship-Building and Account Management


20% Capabilities Development, Marketing and Sales Planning

  • Support planning of programmatic media across a portfolio of clients
  • Educate internal and external clients on HX capabilities and case studies
  • Manage relationships via account service on programmatic campaigns
  • Collaborate with programmatic buyers on optimization planning, and with product team on capability development
  • Support strategic planning to improve performance for key clients
  • Represent Horizon programmatic in business development pitches



Supervisory Responsibilities

Train HX Assistant Planners and interns



Knowledge and Skills Required

At least 1 year of specialized programmatic planning experience


Proven ability to build relationships


Proven ability to thrive in highly collaborative work environments


Advanced ability to capture and recall detailed information on media buys


Preference to work on the disruptive side of business, with new technology


Knowledge of statistical concepts relevant to optimization, as well as scientific testing in live media environments


Strong familiarity with ad operations and campaign management (e.g. tagging, ad-servers, viewability tracking)



Certificates, licenses and registrations

There are no requirements for certificates, licenses and registrations.



Physical Activity and Work Environment

There are no requirements for physical activity and work environment.

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