Multimedia Journalist

Multimedia Journalist

Type:   Full Time
Salary:   Commencement with experience
City:   San Diego
State:   California
ZipCode:   92123

Required Education and Experience

1.      Bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, or related field.

2.      Must be fluent in Spanish (high level of reading, writing, and speaking the language is essential).

3.      Must have strong English, reading, writing and speaking.

4.      Reporting, shooting, writing, and editing experience with good ratings track record.

5.      Be informed on news events locally and nationally.

•Develop and maintain a network of contacts providing access to exclusive stories
•Assist producer in establishing sources, finding and executing enterprise news investigations, building and maintaining strong list of story ideas
•Must work well under pressure
•Candidate must work effectively with other in a team oriented environment
•Independent problem solving and multi-tasking
Flexible, with a willingness to undertake shift work associated with working for a 24/7 news operation.
Additional Information:    
Contact Details:
Details:   •Report to News Director
•Create multimedia content for multi-platform distribution (TV & digital)
•Assist in TV news production
•Shoot, write & edit story ideas
•Excellent news instincts with the ability to react decisively to breaking news; combined with the ability to write succinctly and with flair
•Coordinate, organize and conduct interviews
•Gather, edit, package and publish local news content – focusing on (but not limited to) News, Weather and Traffic
•Write text articles, publish video clips and edit image galleries according to the local editorial “voice in the station’s websites and social media accounts
•Represent the station in community related events
•Perform other duties as assigned.

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