Partnership Overview

Why Join EBF?

Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%

Additionally, people of color make up nearly 40% of the U.S. population, yet:

  • In online-only news organizations, racial minorities comprise just 24.3%

  • In advertising and public relations only 5% of the workforce is African-American; Only 8.5% is Asian

  • In film, only 3.6% of the workforce is Asian; just 12.6% of film writers and 7.8% of directors are from a minority group

  • As of 2015, only 1.8% of the employees at major tech companies were black



EBF connects partners to diverse communities of talent through a variety of channels

  • EBF Fellows: Nearly 200 active interns participate in local events, year-round webinars and the EBF Annual Summer Conference in New York

  • EBF Hiring Program: A captive audience of 100+ graduating fellows being prepared for and connected to job opportunities with EBF partners
  • EBF Applicant Pool: A pool of 4,000+ annual college applicants to which partners can highlight specific opportunities and their company’s brand

  • EBF Alumni & AMP Network: A pool of 1,000+ established professionals who are EBF intern alumni and diverse professional members of our AMP Network



EBF provides myriad services to partner organizations and interns

  • EBF Fellows Program:
    This is our flagship program, through which we source 200 interns annually based on partner-determined criteria, including age (any year of college), location (anywhere in the U.S.), and function. Fellows in our program receive ongoing professional and skill development supported by the Foundation, including:

    • Attendance at the EBF Annual Conference
    • Participation in EBF’s Hiring Program (year-round, individualized, career-coaching initiative for college seniors)
    • Ongoing one-on-one guidance and support provided by EBF staff
    • Exposure to myriad resources and leaders in the field
  • EBF Candidate Finder: A dynamic, electronic database, of the EBF graduating seniors participating in the Hiring Program (year-round, individualized, career-coaching initiative for college seniors), designed to help EBF partner companies source and identify talented candidates for open entry-level positions
  • EBF Communications: Highlight your company as an exciting career destination with EBF’s national talent pool through various strategies, including targeted email blasts, social media promotions, and newsletter spotlights.
  • EBF Annual Career Fair: Featuring 120+ recent college graduates and college upperclassmen

  • EBF data-driven insights and best practices



EBF partners are engaged and connected to their peers through forums that provide networking and leadership opportunities

  • EBF National Advisory Council (NAC): Serves as EBF’s primary vehicle for senior-level partner engagement. The NAC meets annually at our summer conference (June/July) in NYC and has at least one senior-level member from each of our 50+ partner companies. NAC members are expected to advocate internally for EBF and would be the primary contact for EBF on various partnership benefits and sponsorship opportunities, including tailored opportunities around our summer conference and our hiring program.

  • EBF HR Advisory Board: A forum that plugs partners into the latest on EBF initiatives, connects partners to one another for networking and best-practice sharing, and creates the space for EBF to better understand the entry-level needs and processes of partner companies.


  • $20,000 annual membership dues: Supports general recruitment, programmatic and operational functions

  • $3,500 per student intern fee:

    • Supports student need-based scholarships

    • Supports in-person programming (national conference and ongoing leadership development programing)

  • Hourly compensation for any full-time interns for at least 8 summer weeks (rate determined by company)

  • A guarantee of diverse experiences and increasing levels of responsibility for the fellow

  • Careful consideration of fellow for full-time employment upon graduation