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Amon Jones

EBF Alum, Class of 2016

Current Role: Talent assistant, Saturday Night Live

Corporate Sponsor: C-SPAN

Asjia Garner

College: California State University Long Beach, Class of 2019

Major: Journalism and International Studies

Internship: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Audrey Adlam

Company: Discovery, Inc.

Title: Senior Vice President, Communications

Carla Moore

Company: HBO

Title: Vice President, POS Strategy & Education

David Cohen

Company: Comcast

Title: Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

Delia McGee

EBF Alum, Class of 2014

President, EBF Alumni Association

Current Role: Senior Business Analyst, Peacock TV

Corporate Sponsor: HBO

Denise Horn

EBF Alum, Class of 2009

Current Role: Senior Director Inclusion Marketing and Communications, WarnerMedia

Corporate Sponsor: NBCUniversal

Jordan Salama

College: Princeton, Class of 2019

Major: Spanish, Portuguese

Internship: CBS 60 Minutes

Kareem Fayek

EBF Alum, Class of 2016

Current Role: HBO Digital Production Assistant

Corporate Sponsor: HBO

Karen Bennett

Company: Cox Communications

Title: Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer

Luisa Garcia

EBF Alum, Class of 2014

Current Role: Producer, CBS News

Corporate Sponsor: WCBS

Najee Omar

EBF Alum, Class of 2012

Current Role: Founder, Spark House

Corporate Sponsor: HBO

Njuguna Thande

College: Princeton University, Class of 2019

Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship: Discovery

Patricia Jordan

Company: Emma Bowen Foundation

Title: Founding Board Member

Rhonda Crichlow

Company: Charter Communications

Title: SVP, Chief Diversity Officer

Rob Kennedy

Company: C-SPAN

Title: President & Co-CEO

Sohyeon Hwang

School: Cornell University, Class of 2018

Major: Government | Information Science

Internship: Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting

Walid Mohmand

College: University of Maryland, Class of 2019

Major: Computer and Information Sciences

Internship: Discovery Communications

William Sanchez

EBF Alum, Class of 1997

Current Role: Senior Director Digital Operations / Business Development, Fox News Radio

Corporate Sponsor: WABC Radio