Executive Producer of Television

Executive Producer of Television - WGBH News, Boston

Position Overview:

We are searching for a creative, dynamic news leader who wants to demonstrate the results of their years of television production experience.

WGBH News is looking for an Executive Producer of Television for local news, reporting to the News Director.

The EP of Television will be an experienced television producer who can manage all facets of the daily production of Greater Boston, the weekly show Beat the Press and oversee the production of Open Studio and Basic Black.

This person must be a leader with a vision for rethinking local news. We want someone who possesses the ability to dig deeper, go beyond the headlines, contextualize the information and turn that into great television.

The Executive Producer will set the editorial and production standards and provide leadership in the newsroom. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of managing a large staff, developing talent and coordinating closely with other departments. 

The EP of Television must be both a leader and a team-member, someone who has a long-term vision as well the ability to roll up their sleeves and dive into the day-to-day production of a show. This person must be a good communicator with excellent writing skills and years of experience in all aspects of video production. 

The EP will be responsible for the development, conceptualization, editorial direction, and day-to-day production management in consultation with the News Director and the Hosts of the shows. The EP will strive to achieve new and innovative ways to improve the shows and increase the visibility and impact in the community. 

In addition to handling the workflow of a daily news program we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about building the next generation of news delivery in a multi-platform newsroom and who can help develop and execute new video projects both for broadcast and digital. A strong understanding of digital and social media, and how to tell stories that leverage TV, Digital and Radio is a must. 

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

- Manage the day-to-day editorial direction and production standards for Greater Boston and Beat the Press. 
- Alongside the Series Producer, oversee the production of Open Studio and Basic Black. 
- Manage a talented group of reporters, producers, editors and directors by providing oversight, leadership and timely feedback. 
- Participate in the daily news management/editors meeting to set the agenda for the entire newsroom. 
- Oversee show scripts, copy and reporter tape packages. Book guests and line produce when needed. 
- Provide leadership in leveraging resources across a multi-platform newsroom – Television, Radio and Digital. 
- Surpass the “news of the day” mentality and reach for bigger conversations and themes to stories and segments. 
- Implement the WGBH News brand focusing on greater depth and perspective. 
- Provide leadership on technical advances in consultation with other departments. 
- Strategize for a higher visibility and impact across the four local television shows. 
- Other duties as assigned

Department Overview

WGBH News is a multi-media news outlet that broadcasts on radio, TV, and web, and includes daily TV program, Greater Boston and the weekly TV programs, Beat the Press, Basic Black and Open Studio. WGBH News strives to provide unique perspective on issues and events of significance to the communities in and around Boston.

Apply at http://www.wgbh.org/about/employmentOpportunities.cfm

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