What's Next in the Application Process?


You’ve submitted a completed Summer 2022 EBF Application (both the online application form and the HireVue video interview). What happens next?

From the fall through the spring, EBF will review for various internship requests from our partners. A list of our partners can be found here: https://www.emmabowenfoundation.com/partners.

For each partner request, the process is as follows:

  • EBF reviews its applicant pool to identify applicants who meet the qualifications of the request.

  • EBF reaches out to those applicants by email for further consideration. Applicants will be given a deadline to submit any additional information, including an updated resume.

  • EBF forwards applicants from that review to our partner.

  • Our partner reviews EBF candidates and identifies those candidates that will continue in the partner company’s own interview process. Candidates whose applications are advanced are not guaranteed a partner interview.

  • Our partner selects the 2022 EBF Fellow who will intern at their company. At that time, the other forwarded candidates will be notified that they were not selected.

We work with over 70 companies with unique hiring schedules, so applicants may be considered at any time from the fall to the spring. While we are recruiting across functions throughout the cycle, technology roles are the primary emphasis initially in the early fall. We recommend that students apply as early as possible in the application season to maximize consideration for opportunities. If you go a few months without hearing from us, don’t fret! It just means a role that fits your specific experience hasn’t yet emerged. We recruit for some roles as early as September, but many others emerge in January, February or even as late as April. Continue to keep your options open, but keep a close eye on outreach from us, because it could come at any point throughout the September-May cycle.

We do not have a set deadline to receive EBF applications. The EBF Summer 2022 Application link will remain open until the final placement is completed.

As noted above, EBF staff will reach out to you if you are being considered for one of the internship opportunities. Please note that this could happen at any time during the application cycle from the time you apply until May 1st.

On or by May 1st, we will notify all applicants of their final status for Summer 2022. Students being considered as a potential candidate for a Summer 2022 placement will be contacted before that date. Again, we encourage all applicants to continually search for other summer opportunities. EBF attempts to match qualified candidates’ interests and qualifications with the requirements of our partners. Given the limited number of opportunities, we cannot offer candidates a variety of options for placement nor guarantee a placement.